Thursday, October 27, 2011

This special font to give Nokia S60 5th edition devices support the full character of each language.

It gives the ability to view, work, and translate all languages
including the main interface which is still English, English and characters
some mathematical symbols appear in Microsoft Calibri font on the phone.

Here is an example of what you can do with different languages.
This is my firmware 3G Nokia 5800XM (Black):


As another example, this is Dayhand Input (by Mr. Milk v17r4):
Download from the link below. Then transfer the 4 font files in this zip archive into the Fonts folder which is located in the Resource folder in the main root folder of the microSD memory card. In other words here:

Memory Card:/Resource/Fonts/
(most likely-  E:/Resource/Fonts/)

NOTE: to see the system files use X-plore.

the font is attached. However you must make 4 duplicate copies and name them: s60snr.ttf, s60ssb.ttf, s60tsb.ttf, S60ZDIGI.ttf then transfer to the same 'Fonts' folder as stated above.


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