Monday, October 24, 2011

Super Bluetooth Hack / Hack others phone With Bluetooth collection

Install Super Bluetooth hack on your phone and run it. Now the menu will guide you to hack the phones once paired with your phone. Pairing is necessary to hack most of the handsets. You may do this with some trick. Remember, you have a lot to do with if you can pair it. So just try some trick..For eg: tell him to send you a song.

Once your phone is connected(paired) to another phone via bluetooth you are ready to hack that phone with your phone. And ofcourse you can hack the phone only when its bluetooth is on.
Now you can use your phone to do the foll on that phone:
1. Read messages
2. Read contacts
3. Change profile
4. Play ringtone even if phone is on silent
5. play songs
6. Restart the phone
7. Switch off the phone
8. Change ringing volume
9. Restore factory settings
10. CALL FROM THAT PHONE- with all call functions like hold etc.

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