Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to hack Symbian OS / How to use all (signed , Unsigned) application on Symbian OS

This is another way to hack Symbian OS of Nokia.
Also the latest Firmware can be hacked by the tutorial.
Than you will be able to install unsigned application.

1st Download those three Applications from here…
(download all & extract from PC)

Save all of to memory card.
Now use your memory with pc via card reader.
Now copy to your pc & Extract it.
You will get Private named folder from the extracted file.
Open it. You will get 20024113 named folder.
Copy the 20024113 folder to your memory cards private folder.

Now open the Memory card from pc.
Install the memory card to your mobile.
Now install drweb-600-symbian-s60.sis in your mobile.
( it may show you that Antivirus expired , Also it can say to update or will Ask for update
DON’T DO ANY OF THOSE) ignore those..

Now go to options>quarantine
You will see 3 files.
Select all of those from option
Then click Option>restore

Close the application.

Now install the RomPatcherPlus_3.1_LiteVersion.sisx application.
Open the Application.
You will get 2 options here. First one is open4all rp+ .
Add it to auto from option. ( you will see open4all rp+ in a golden circle )
In the same way …….. (Install server rp+) add to auto
(Both option will became green coloured)

Now it’s finished.

Notes : ( than if you can enter to C>SYS>BIN using x-plore mind it its successful )
               Now your Symbian OS is hacked.

Rompatcher is a auto start app. Don’t close it.
Don’t uninstall it.
But you can uninstall Dr.web app.

If you are using symbian^3.
Than you have to do more.
Unzip it to your memory card.
Replace the installserver.exe located in  C>SYS>BIN  using X-plore.
Do it if it’s needed.


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