Sunday, October 23, 2011

Backuping and restoring messages form MMC before formatting

 Do you want to back up all messages in your mobile phone before formatting the MMC card? It is very simple and very easy to just 5 minutes.Follow these steps.At first connect your phone to your PC via media. Once the media to keep your phone active on your desktop PC will. SYS folders look like, deprived of resources, data etc. The screenshot below shows the folders in the MMC just to that understanding.

Now browse private folder. This folder contains "1000484b" and you will see the folder mail2 (this is the folder in which all our messages are stored)

Copy the file "1000484b" folder and make a backup on your PC. After formatting the MMC again activate the media and the copy "1000484b" in the same location and restart the phone. Now all messages are retrieved.

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