Sunday, October 23, 2011

How to change default menu view of symbian mobile

1st Download Menu.rar from here.
Extract it and copy the Menu folder to memory card.
Then you have to hack your mobile.
(No need to hack if you already have hacked your phone)

Read the read me file from hacking folder and hack your phone.
Now install ROMPatcher.sisx at phone memory
Install ROMPatcher.sisx if you already have it.
After finishing installation open the application.
Select disable caps from option.

Now extract c2z.rar. Now go to Z drive via X-plore.
Try to find EFSrv.dll file in z :\sys/ bin .
Copy the EfSrv.dll to c2z folder.
Copy the c2z folder to pc.
Rename it as c2z.exe.
Open it with double click.
Now you will see c2z.rmp file there.
Copy c2z.rmp to e:\Patches

Now open the rom patchier.
You will see c2z.rmp there.
Apply patch from option.
Now go to Extracted menu folder.
Extract private.rar.
Now copy the extracted private folder to C:\ drive.
Press ok if there is any message shown.
Now restart your phone.
Now go to menu view option and apply changes. ENJOY….

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