Monday, October 8, 2012

Majesty: Northern Expansion Games Dowload for Nokia Symbian Belle (Refresh), Symbian Anna, Symbian^3

So you have slain all the orcs and undead from your lands? Counting your Kingdom's riches getting you down? Hankering for a brand spanking new adventure and some new enemies to damage? Then you need to conquer the hostile Northern Lands, teaming with Stone Golems and Fire Breathing Dragons! Do you have the tactical knowledge to command your army of heroes, wizards, freaks and misfits and conquer this frosty frontier? Majesty: The Northern Expansion - The Dragons are waiting for their dinner.


Symbian^3     Symbian Anna     Symbian Belle
Nokia X7     Nokia E6     Nokia 500     Nokia C6-01     Nokia C7-00
Nokia E7     Nokia N8     Nokia 603     Nokia 700     Nokia 701   Nokia 808


How to Install:

Step 1: Save file to your computer.
Step 2: Transfer file to device using Bluetooth, data cable or software   Nokia PC Suite or Nokia Suite.
Step 3: then go to file manager of your device & click on the transferred file to install.

Download Majesty Game

Download Majesty Game

Download Majesty Game

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